Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle 2022 Part 8

Author Alex
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle 2022 Part 8

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle 2022 Part 8
87 assets | 63.4 GB.


Phobia Sound Pack 4.26-4.27.zip
Photorealistic Landscape Pack 1 4.17.zip
Physics Collision Sound 4.26.zip
Pirates Island 4.26.zip
Pistol Animset Pro 4.26.zip
Platformer Animset.rar
Poly Art Rabbits 4.27.zip
Poly Art Tiger 4.27.zip
POLYGON - City Pack 4.27.rar
POLYGON - Farm 4.27.zip
POLYGON - Office Pack 4.27.zip
POLYGON - Town Pack 4.27.rar
Poof Potion Pack 4.26.zip
Power Ups 4.26-4.27.rar
PP801 Character P2 4.27.zip
Pro Weapon Component 4.27.zip
Pro-TEK SciFi VR Space Station 3 4.26.zip
Projectiles & Hit Effects 4.26- 4.27.rar
Quick Gravity Tools 4.26.rar
Ravens S1 Assassin 4.17-4.27.rar
Real Rock Music Pack 4.26.zip
Realistic Looking Cliff and Rock Pack.rar
RealisticSpace The Closest Ones 4.26.zip
RedShift Procedural Game generator 4.27.zip
Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4.27.zip
ROG Modular Medieval Accessories and Robes 4.27.7z
Ruins constructor.rar
Rusty Barrels Vol 1 4.26.zip
Rusty Barrels Vol 2 4.27.zip
Sandbag Walls 4.26.zip
Schooner Hannah 4.27.zip
Sci Fi Formiops.rar
Sci-Fi Armor 7 4.26.zip
Sci-Fi Urban Pack 4.27.zip
SciFi Corridor Environment.7z
SciFi Machinegun AK4 Playable.rar
Scifi military police engineer terrorist 4.24-4.25.rar
Siamese twins 4.26-4.27.rar
Sicka SciFi Interior 2 4.26-4.27.rar
Simple Widget OS 4.27.zip
Skeleton archer 4.27.rar
Skeleton spearman 4.27.rar
Slaughterhouse 4.26.zip
Smooth Sync 4.24-4.26-4.27.rar
Snow Vol.20 - Hand Painted Textures.rar
Sound Waypoint System 4.25-4.27.rar
SpaceBox Color 4.22.zip
SpaceBox Variable 4.26.zip
Spider Tank 4.26.zip
Spiderweb Collection.rar
Station Wagon Car.rar
SteamPunk Victorian Environment Megapack 4.26.zip
Stoopid Zombies 4.27.rar
Stylescape - Stylized Environment Kit v1.4 (4.26).rar
Stylescape - Stylized Environment Kit v1.5 (4.27).rar
Stylized Japanese Temple (4.2x).rar
Stylized Mountain Landscape (4.26-4.27).rar
Stylized Projectiles 4.23-4.27.zip
Survival Crafting System 4.25.zip
Survival Game Kit V2 (2.1.11).rar
Survival Hero 4.26.zip
Survival props pack 4.27.zip
Tactical Espionage Action 4.27.rar
Tarp Pack 01.rar
The Caves.zip
The leader of the bandits 4.26.zip
The Targeting System 4.27.rar
Third Person Shooter Kit v2.0 (4.27).rar
Trees Maple Tree 4.26.rar
Truck and Trailers 4.27.rar
True FP Shooter v1.5.6 (4.24-4.27).rar
Twinblades Animset Base.zip
TwinSword Animset Base.rar
Ultimate Eye Generator 2 (4.26).rar
Ultimate Game Music Collection v1.6 (4.10-4.27).rar
Undead Knight 4.27.rar
VFX Bundle 2 4.27.rar
Vintage SciFi pack VOL 2 Android Mummies.rar
Vintage SciFi pack VOL 3 Egregores.rar
Winter Forest 4.27.rar
Wood Structures 4.27.zip
Zombie Animation Pack 1 4.26-4.27.rar
Zombie punk biker 4.27.rar
Zombie with T-Shirt 4.27.rar
Zombies AC 4.27.rar
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  1. stop deleting comments2022 October 4 17:49
    Mods are deleting comments about these being old recycled releases instead of updated UE5 versions lmao. Nice
    1. Sonya2022 October 4 18:11
      How are your comments useful? Captain obviousness?
      It already says what versions of the Assets, no one hides it and does not pass them off as new.
      If you don't want these assets, that doesn't mean other people don't want them. Sometimes it's better to just keep quiet and walk by.
    2. Aoris2022 October 12 23:06
      version is litterally written in file title..........
  2. Lucas Mellon
    Lucas572022 October 7 23:48
    Hi Sonya.

    Could you upload for hot4share, thanks wink

    Cheers Lucas.
    1. Aoris2022 October 12 23:04
      Hot4share is scam. I paid to download a file and wasn't able to download it because it said that I needed to be premium, the support doesn't respond to mails and never refund me as I requested.
      1. Sonya2022 October 13 11:11
        Please write more details - your account in ho4share (email), when you paid, what files can not download, etc. Can me in private.
    2. Lucas Mellon
      Lucas572022 October 25 09:41
      Thank you for responding to my request. smiley

      Cheers Lucas.
  3. Vivyian2022 November 8 06:55
    Oh no's. all the links are down. is it possible to reupload them, please.

    sorry to send twice but these are hotfile links.
    1. Sonya2022 November 8 15:52
      Just checked - all Hitfile and Ho4share links OK. More details pls
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