Unreal Engine Marketplace – Multiplayer Survival Game Template v4.25

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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Multiplayer Survival Game Template v4.25

Multiplayer Survival Game Template – asset by Unreal Engine Marketplace – download free!

Blueprint powered multiplayer survival game template complete with all standard survival mechanics as well as many extended and exotic ones. Fully modular and easy to extend with an ever expanding list of features through updates.

This 100% blueprint powered template has everything you need to get your survival game up and running with full multiplayer support.

Packed with all the standard survival mechanics, as well as some more exotic ones, the template is easy to configure, extend and learn. Mechanics are modular so you can drop anything you don't need to.

Including systems to manage hunger, thirst, time of day, temperature, health, oxygen, blood, stamina, and more. You will be able to give your players the survival challenge of a life time! Includes an extensive GUI inventory with support for randomized loot, chests, item cooldowns and more.

The template has many updates since launch, and will continue to receive features over time. However, as the updates are done for free and based on my availability, please purchase based on the current feature set, rather than future possible additions. Large periods of time may pass between feature additions (though bug fixes and engine compatibility updates will be processed as soon as possible) - this should not be taken as an indication that the product is "dead". A list of tutorials regarding integrating other assets into the template is available via this YouTube playlist.
Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 99 (including examples)

Network Replicated: Yes

List of Features: Dynamic time of day/world temperature cycle, player statistics (health, blood, hunger, thirst, stamina, oxygen, power, body temperature, toxicity/poison), multiple camera modes, movement mechanics, flashlight, main menu and session browser framework, and much, much more!

Engine Compatibility: 4.13+

Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Plaforms Tested: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac


Important/Additional Notes: This is intended to be a starting point for new projects. It is possible to merge this with pre-existing projects, but as it uses logic in the Controller/Character/Gamemode/Gamestate classes, it will take some time.

All blueprints extensively commented for learning.

This system works in single and multiplayer projects. The template can be adapted to other viewpoints with some work. For details, documentation, and full features, visit survivalgame.site.

This system will receive updates over time, with new features, mechanics, bug fixes (as required) and such. However, updates are done out of passion for the product, and will be done based on my availability and time. Please purchase the template based on it's current feature set as I cannot guarantee future updates will be easy to implement into pre-existing projects (though I will endeavour to make this possible).

Asset Details:
  • Current Version: 4.25
  • More Info: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/survival-game-template

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