Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 2 September 2015

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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 2 September 2015

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 2 September 2015


This set of Body Bags is perfect for you next horror game or spooky scene!

This set of corpses is perfect for you next horror game or spooky scene! Package contains 2 beds, 1 empty bag, and 7 body bags.

Bumping Pub

Bumping Pub contains 49 useful assets of AAA quality. Being Bumping Workshop’s first product on the Unreal Marketplace, this environment set, which took 100+ man-days to build, is available for mere $4.99.
Please note that we used Epic’s VFX (mainly fire), which we are not allowed to put into our package. So the scene would look different from the video. We kept all the lights though, so the difference wouldn’t be so distinct.


Enemy Targeting System

Blueprints to implement targeting in your game

A collection of blueprint classes and functions with easy to follow directions to implement my enemy targeting system. Targeting is huge because it opens the door to strategy beyond aiming with your crosshairs. It gives your players a “doesn’t miss” option which can be used with powerful spells and abilities that require a target or long cast times. In the example I am able to cycle through all enemies, in a radius of my choosing from the player, simply by pressing tab. When an enemy is selected, the targeted enemy will have a circle placed around it, or whatever static mesh you choose as all of these properties can be easily replaced with your art and custom assets. Please watch the sample video for details.


Realistic Female Player Anims

160 high quality motion captured realistic female player animations

160 high quality motion captured animations of locomotion and combat moves. This pack includes 8 directional walk/run/crouch movement in both root and non-root motion. Each directional walk cycle has a start and stop that return to the idle. Includes a 9 point punch aimscreen and a 9 point kick aimscreen, each timed to allow you to blend between them and place your attacks with precision.

These were captured by an actress who is combat-trained with a focus on realism and accuracy. This pack includes 2 different female meshes (Star1 and Star2) that are based on the updated UE4 character and 100% re-targetable to any other character using this skeleton.

Grunge Decals

213 grunge decals easily configurable via material instances.

213 decals of stains, leaks, rust, mossy and dirty concrete. Each has a material instance with parameters to change the color, roughness, transparency, normal intensity, etc. Most of the base color textures are 2048×2048 or 2048×1024 and
each has a normal map.


Pyro Particle Texture Pack

Pyro Particle Texture Pack v1 for Unreal 4. A pack of over 24 very high quality, simulated flame, smoke and explosion textures for use with your Unreal 4 projects.

Recently Updated to v1.1

Pyro Particle Texture Pack v1 for Unreal 4. A pack of over 24 very high quality, simulated flame, smoke and explosion textures for use with your Unreal 4 projects. Custom materials, material instances and sample emitters are included. Using Unreal’s built-in tools, you can scale down the size of the textures to conform to your platform of choice.

This pack may be listed as “pyro”, but that doesn’t mean that it’s only use is with classic fire. This texture pack is versatile enough to cover many categories. Fire, magic, explosions, general ambiance, etc. You’re limited only by your imagination!


Survival Gear

15 essential and finely detailed assets for any survival / zombie game.

These are high quality current-gen PBR assets designed for first or third person games. Package contains survival knife, folding shovel, compass, canteen, emergency radio, map, lighter, flashlight, sleeping bag, first aid kit, canned foods, hand axe, MREs, tent, picnic table. Textures are provided at 4k and the assets with moving parts come with animations.

Tested with Windows and OSX, but because this is mainly textures and particle systems, they can be used with any platform. Visit my website for tutorials on how to create some other cool effects with this pack.
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