Unity Asset – Lightning – Procedural Lightning – AAA Quality, Performance and Sound. Dozens of Prefabs. 2D + 3D v2.4.4

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Unity Asset – Lightning – Procedural Lightning – AAA Quality, Performance and Sound. Dozens of Prefabs. 2D + 3D v2.4.4

Unity Asset – Lightning – Procedural Lightning – AAA Quality, Performance and Sound. Dozens of Prefabs. 2D + 3D v2.4.4

Procedural Lightning is the fastest, lowest price, best looking and easiest to use lightning on the Asset Store. No other asset provides the raw power, performance, customization and prefabs of Procedural Lightning. Mobile, VR and desktop look and perform great!

Procedural Lightning and Thunder is an optimized drop in solution for lightning, electricity, thunder effects and even general line effects in your Unity project or game. Drag a prefab in and you are done.

Performance! Procedural Lightning has a built in pooling system, no garbage collection and heavily optimized code and shaders to give you maximum performance. There is even a multi-threaded option.

Unlike other more expensive assets, which use sprite sheets, particle systems or expensive shaders, Procedural Lightning will give you maximum performance and variety in your lightning, without breaking your CPU, GPU or wallet budget. Many prefabs are available to choose from. Mobile, VR and desktop run buttery smooth.

Most other lightning solutions use the Unity line renderer which doesn't batch and has high CPU usage, especially for something with lots of lines and glow like lightning. Think of billboarding and coloring every line on the CPU every frame. YUCK! With this asset, the graphics card takes care of that so your CPU can do more important tasks.

Supports perspective, orthographic and orthographic xz planes.

I've added a nice spell system with force lightning, lightning beam, lightning ball, charged bolt and lightning whip. Easily extensible and customizable.

If that weren't enough, you also get 17 high def thunder sounds. I've literally spent weeks on end of my life making this the best lightning in the asset store, and I know it will serve you well.

Here's the full run-down on what Procedural Lightning and Thunder for Unity can do for you:

- A configuration scene to help you get the exact look you want for your lightning. Tweak the detail, width, glow, duration, chaos, forkedness, direction and much more. Bolts can be randomized with a seed to get the same bolt.
- One click to get the exact code and script to reproduce your lightning bolt.
- Manual and automatic mode for the script. Trigger your customized prefab manually or let it run automatically.
- A robust lightning script that lets you create lightning strikes with a large selection of parameters with near infinite possibilities.
- Lightning works great in many scenarios: thunderstorms, magic spells, static discharge and much more!
- Lightning branches fade in, jitter and grow to make your lightning really come alive.
- Storm cloud particle system that looks stunning when lit up by lightning.

I've also included a more high level script if you just want storm lightning in your game without having to configure very much stuff. This script contains:

- Normal and intense lightning strikes with appropriate brightness, thunder delay and thunder volume.
- Cloud only lightning option.
- 17 distinct thunder sounds.
- Random range of time for the next lightning strike.
- Option to illuminate the skybox when there is a lightning strike.
- Random range of lightning intensity.
- Force a lightning strike via script.
- Lightning centered around the main camera by default.
- Option to try and make sure every lightning strike is visible by the camera.
- Dark cloud particle system for storm clouds.
- Demo scenes showing some terrain and water with the ability to call lightning with keystrokes. Procedural Lightning for Unity also contains an advanced lighting system that allows you to generate point lights along the paths of your lightning for that extra realistic effect.

This asset contains a batch of prefabs to create lightning bolts, sphere lightning, cone lightning, lightning fields, arcs of electricity and chain lightning. 17 high def thunder sounds, as well as a storm cloud particle system that looks amazing when lit up by lightning, are also included. You can even seed your lightning to get the same appearance.

Don't spend time making lightning effects yourself from scratch. Save yourself time and money with this powerful yet easy to use plugin.

This asset is demonstrated in a HereVR sci-fi pack video, viewable from here: http://u3d.as/guN

Games using procedural lightning: - Doomwheel

Please read the Readme.txt file to get the most out of this asset. I am available at [email protected] to answer questions and help you out.

Best wishes for you and your project.

Known issues: Does not work on Unity 4.X on Mobile. Should compile on Unity 4.X and Unity pre 5.6, but the prefabs may not load properly.

Asset Details:
  • Current Version: 2.4.4
  • More Info: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/lightning-procedural-lightning-aaa-quality-performance-and-sound-34217

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