Unity Asset – Easy Build System – Modular Building System v4.7.3

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Unity Asset – Easy Build System – Modular Building System v4.7.3

Download Unity asset – Easy Build System – Modular Building System

The project can be split in two parts.
Features : Contains all required components (2018f or higher).
Samples & Integration : Contains all the demo content. (2019.1f or higher.)
Features content can be downloaded on the Discord with your invoice number.

Before buying if you've any questions do not hesitate to contact me !
All last/beta versions can be downloaded with your invoice number on the Discord.
Thank you for contacting us to know our refund policy.
Read the Release Notes to have more information about the current release.

About This
Easy Build System is an advanced modular building system for Unity 5.
Placed, removed, edited your prefabs with your own conditions at runtime.

Easy, Powerful, Fast
Easy to use, documented, with an advanced custom editor.
Create your own prefabs with the system to be able to use at runtime.
Quick Start feature will allow you to use the system on any scene in just one click.

First Person, Third Person, Top Down
Three view types to improve the interactions with your prefabs during the runtime.

Desktop, Android
All the components of system work on Desktop as well that on Android.
Demos scenes are available in the package to show you how it works.

Advanced Part, Socket Behaviour
Add your own conditions to each of your parts.
Use the socket feature that will allow you to snap your parts together.

Restricted Actions Area(s)
Define some areas where you want to be able to use some actions.
Such as allow or denied the placement/destruction/edition.

Modular Appearance(s)
Change the appearance of your prefabs without changing the settings of your parts.

Parts Collection
Create your own collection of parts to able to use in another scene in one click.

Conditional Physics
Create your own physics logic on each of your parts.
Added your placement/edition condition only if the part is stable.

All Support Type(s)
Compatible with Unity, Voxeland terrain or static mesh, definable mesh.
Place your prefabs on any surface type during the runtime.

Blueprint Data, Loader
Save in runtime all the parts to able to load in edit time.

Save, Load Part(s)
Save and load the data of your parts after the closing of your scene.
Two serialization type (Binary/Json).

Some add-ons are included in the package to add new features to the system.
Also allows for developers to add new feature to the system without modifying the code.

Demos, Templates
A lot of demo scenes are available to show you how the system work.
Three parts collection of 27 parts ready to use.

(Experimental) uSurvival.
(Experimental) uRPG.
(Experimental) uMMORPG.
Photon Network (PUN1).
Photon Network (PUN2).
Inventory Pro.
(Experimental) Rucksack.
Opsive -Third Person Controller.
Invector - Third Person Controller.

Experimental Integration(s)
Some integration of the package are in experimental state.
If you encounter problems please contact us on the Discord.
This will be resolved in the coming hours with a hotfix.
Before any official publication of your project who use a experimental integration.
It is also strongly advisable to have done tests in local.

- PC, Android, Mac, Linux, WebGL, Unity Editor

Asset Details:
  • Current Version: 4.7.3
  • More Info: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/easy-build-system-modular-building-system-45394

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