Adobe InDesign 2023 Beginner's Guide (PDF, EPUB)

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Adobe InDesign 2023 Beginner's Guide (PDF, EPUB)

Adobe InDesign 2023 Beginner's Guide.
English | 2022 | ASIN: B0BNC2CV3K | 140 pages | EPUB,PDF | 2.49 Mb

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing, page layout, and design program made by Adobe Incorporation. InDesign is filled with features that guarantee you get the most out of your designs. This program is used to set out and produce many kinds of posters and media prints for public and personal use. To keep every design detail, Adobe InDesign files can be exported as SWF, EPUB, and PDF. In this guide, users will learn about the Adobe InDesign workspace, what is new in Adobe InDesign, how to work with gradients, how to work with colors, how to work with layers, how to customize the workspace and so much more. At the end of this guide, you will become a pro when navigating through the different Adobe InDesign features and functions.
Here is a snippet of what you stand to learn from this guide
Adobe InDesign Workspace
What’s new in Adobe InDesign 2023
How to customize the workspace
How to work with panels
How to change the magnification of a document
How to use panel menus
How to use context menus
How to modify interface preferences
How to create a new document
How to create a new document from a preset
How to create and save custom document settings
How to add new document pages
How to apply master pages to document pages
How to add sections to change the page numbering
How to view the completed spread
How to add text
How to view guides
How to work with graphics
How to work with object styles
How to view the document in presentation mode
How to find and change text and formatting
How to enter and import text
How to edit text by dragging and dropping
How to check spelling
How to track changes
How to use the story editor
How to work with layers
How to create and modify text frames
How to add metadata captions to graphics frames
How to create and modify graphics frames
How to wrap text around a graphic
How to transform the shape of frames
How to select and modify grouped objects
How to flow text manually
How to flow text into an existing frame
How to create text frames while flowing text
How to create threaded frames automatically
How to flow text automatically
How to use a baseline grid to align text
How to apply paragraph styles to text
How to adjust columns
Working with Color
How to create colors
How to manage color
How to apply colors
How to work with tint swatches
How to define printing requirements
How to work with gradients
How to work with color groups
Working with Typography
How to adjust the vertical spacing
How to work with fonts, type styles, and glyphs
How to work with columns
How to change paragraph alignment
How to create a drop cap
How to adjust line breaks
How to adjust letter and word spacing
How to set tabs
How to create and apply character styles
How to create paragraph styles
How to create object styles
How to load styles from another document
Printing and Exporting
How to create a press-ready PDF and save a PDF preset
How to print a proof and save a print preset
Troubleshooting issues
And many more…

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