Beter Art Drawing – 450 Brilliant tips and technques (EPUB)

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Beter Art Drawing – 450 Brilliant tips and technques (EPUB)

Beter Art Drawing – 450 Brilliant tips and technques

When it comes to drawing, beginners often find themselves unsure where or how to put marks in order to create a recognisable impression. Many try to copy what they see, unaware that it's not only what you put in your drawing – but also what you choose to leave out – that is important. You may find it difficult to be selective.In this guide, there are 11 themed sections featuring various subjects. Each contains typical learners' mistakes on one page, with suggested methods to overcome these problems on the page opposite. The most important advice, however, is to remember that the three P's are essential for all beginners: Practice, Patience, and Perserverance. We hope you enjoy…

You can draw with anything that will make a mark on any suitable surface that will take a mark. Whatever you decide to use, spend some time just making marks and becoming familiar with using your art materials. The marks below are made with materials used for the exercises throughout the book, and show just a few of the endless possibilities.If you are using a pencil you must be able to sharpen it properly, and the illustration opposite shows you how to do so to best effect. Once it is sharpened you can shape the point to a chisel edge, useful for produc-ing a ‘tonal mass’ or range of tones.Choose your materials to suit your subjects. Page 8 shows a variety of effects that can be achieved with different types of coloured pencils. In certain instances – for example, when using soft pencil or charcoal – you will need to fix the medium by using a fixative spray or diffuser, which can be obtained from an art shop.Some media may fade in the sunlight, while others may crumble off the surface you have chosen, if unsuitable. Make sure, then, that you use use good quality materi-als that will ‘work’ well upon the chosen support, be it paper, card or board. Consider the texture of the paper carefully, too.For practice, however, beginners will find that a pack of copier paper from an office shop and a couple of good pencils will afford many hours of constructive doodling and ‘trial and error’ studies.

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