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Author Alex
ZBrush SKIN Brushes Pack (human)
A collection of 69 ZBrush custom brushes to generate high-frequency details for the skin in your characters and creatures. The skin brushes in this pack also help you to produce custom and more complex alphas.
Author Alex
Memory and harsh folds for fabric (6 brush pack for Zbrush)
Pack of 6 brushes (2 memory folds and 4 harsh folds) for fabric | Alphas in PSD included in archive.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – NOSES – 40 ZBrush VDM Nasal Areas
40 ZBrush VDM nose/nasal brushes. Another great springboard for ideas - quickly spice up 3D sculpting/designing/concepting, or even augment and change existing sculpts. Included is a single Zbrush VDM brush housing all of the 40 nose variations.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – JAWS 2 – Another 33 Monster Mouths & Skulls IMM Brush
33 (+1 Bonus) Jaws & Mouths ZBrush subtool & IMM Brush. This time around the teeth interlock better and are polygrouped for quick and easy masking to open or close them.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – HORNS – 60 Horns, Antlers, Frills & Horn Sockets IMM + VDM
60 Zbrush IMM & VDM brushes: 39 IMM horns; 9 VDM horns; 5 VDM frills; 7 VDM horn sockets spread across an IMM and a VDM brush. More highly detailed horns than you can throw an antler at! - you'll never have to make these again nor scramble around looking for the nearest set of horns to complete your creature with that missing "something".
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – EYES – 28 Zbrush VDM creature eyes + 15 Eyeballs IMM brush
28 ZBrush VDM eye brushes (with 2 variations for each : with eyeball and without) + 15 insert mesh eyeballs complete kit.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – EARS – 40 ZBrush VDMs
40 Zbrush VDM ears brushes. High detail ears of all sorts to concept with, augment existing sculpts or kickstart a new creature.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – BOOBS VDM 4 brushes pack
ArtStation Marketplace – BOOBS VDM 4 brushes pack
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – ZBrush Perfect Nipple Brush
Over the past year I've created a number of different styled nipple VDMs for use in my projects. Each one has been hand-crafted and tweaked to properly deform on the rounded surfaces of the breast forms. Once drawn onto the surface you can easily further edit them if desired. Works well with RGB poly turned on as well!
Author Alex
S3ART Store – Fast n Furry Brushes for ZBrush
Use this IMM Brush and people will want to cuddle your creatures! It’s the fastest way to create stylized fur in ZBrush, with three color-coded styles to choose from. Every style is made of 20 original meshes, plus the same 20 meshes mirrored on the X axis for guarantee some variety.
In this section of the site you can download a lot of tools for Zbrush, Substance Painter and Substance Designer, Quixel DDO, Mixer, NDO, Modo, 3D-Coat etc.: brushes, materials, Alpha textures and more.
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