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Author Alex
ArtStation – Classic Poses 230 Images including 360° Turnarounds
Reference Pack Classic Poses. Over 230 royalty free jpegs of various classis poses, including some prop variations. 360 ° Turnaround shots for just a couple of the poses.
Author Alex
1500 + Female Game Character Turnaround Pose Reference Pictures
In this release, we focused on creating a reference pack with poses that would be a to-go choice for game character design artists. The full-rotation view gives you the freedom of exploring more angles and variations of the same pose while keeping it consistent. It can be a great tool for 3D modelers and sculptors as well. We also included some bonus files from our unreleased picture sets.
Author Alex
PHOTOBASH – Tech & Robotics
This massive collection of tech references features assembly lines, large industrial machines, engines, tech parts, control panels and more. The amount of detail that is showcased in this set makes it an essential to have in your tech reference library.
Author Alex
1000+ Male Art Pose Reference Pictures
This release features over 1000 high-res reference pictures with male character poses. The poses include the turnaround view, allowing you to pick the necessary angle, as well as different points of the camera position. It's a very versatile pack, which will be a great tool for creating character line-ups, illustration, concept art and comic book art.
Author Alex
130+ Female Character Pinup Poses
This pack includes over 130 high-res reference pictures with female poses based on pinup style and will be a great tool for creating playful character arts. Some poses are shot from various angles, allowing you to pick the position you need.It's a very beginner-friendly set of poses, but it will also help more pro artists speed up their work!
Author Alex
Portraits Study- Light & Emotion- Photo Reference Pack-797 JPEGs
This product is a great for everyone who is trying to improve get better in understanding light, face anatomy and perspective. Also it is going to be a very useful for those who wants to base their comic characters on real people.
Author Alex
Composite Stock Assets & Backgrounds
Build your entire stock asset library with Clinton Lofthouse's entire collection of assets. This entire pack includes all 28 stock master collections at PRO EDU and is over 93% off when purchased together.
Author Alex
750+ Gunman Reference Pictures
This refpack features over 750 high-res gunman/shooter reference pictures. It will be a great set for any artist working on character line-ups, concept art, photobashing, modeling and more. The poses were shot using a roating platform, which allows you to have any angle of the same pose.
Author Alex
330+ Male Action Pose Reference Pictures
In this release we have focused on creating a set of highly dynamic male poses. Jumping, falling, shooting a bow and pistols. Some of the pictures have varied angles, allowing you to have a different perspective on some poses. We have included pictures with two models to give a slight variety of body types. It will be a good set for concept art, gesture drawing studies, character design and more!
Author Alex
850+ Castles and Fortresses Reference Pictures
This pack includes over 850 reference pictures with castles and fortresses, featuring different seasons and parts of the day, exterrior and interrior view, as well as various details and close-ups. It will be a great tool for creating environment illustration, concept art, matte painting and more!
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