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Author Omega
Microsoft Windows 11 Wallpaper Pack
Microsoft Windows 11 Wallpaper Pack Original Microsoft Windows 11 Wallpaper Pack.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – 900+ Dynamic Female Reference Pictures
This release includes over 900 high-res reference pictures with dynamic poses. It's a very versatile pack, featuring turnaround poses, shot using a rotating platform, as well as dynamic ones, shot in sequence. It will be a great ser for comic book art, illustration, storyboarding, concept art and more!
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – Latex Girl 398 JPEGs Photo Reference Pack For Artists
In this pack you'll find many turnaroud poses, cover poses and portraits. This pack is for everyone who is looking for a cool badass character to portray. You'll find many poses which can be used on book covers. There are portraits with various emotions and lighting also. Are you working on a comic book? Then, you'll be pleased with dynamic poses and angles. I hope you'll find a good use for this character in your work wheter it's for books,
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – 800+ Military Reference Pictures pt.II
This release features over 800 high-res reference pictures with military character - a generic soldier, WWII sniper female character and a WWII Soviet tankist. Some pictures are shot using a rotating platform, which will be especially helpful for modeling and creating character line-ups, some poses are more dynamic. It will be a great set for any artist creating character designs, concept art and photo bashing.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – 800+ Couple Reference Pictures
This release features over 800 reference pictures with all kinds of couple poses and character interaction - dancing, fighting, casual everyday activities, as well as portrait closeups! It's a very versatile pack for illustration, character design, comic art, and more!
Author Alex
Gumroad – Star Wars Street
Painting of… a street from the Star Wars universe. Fan Art. Included is the full resolution PSD source file (10000 px square), a flattened full size jpg and a screen rez jpg. Also there are 10 progress jpgs to show how it evolved.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – Medieval Armour & Weaponry Reference Pack
Over 250 4k JPG’s of Medieval Armour and Weaponry.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – Museum Bones & Insects Reference Pack
These photos were taken at the Australian Museum in Sydney. This pack includes skeletons and skulls of many cats, birds, rodents, fish, reptiles, as well as insects such as butterflies, spiders, beetles and many others.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – Winter Forest. Environment Refrence Pictures.
All the photos were taken in a larch grove in the winter. In the photos, you can see the winter forest, nature, tall fir trees, snow, ice, snowdrifts, a forest river and paths. This package includes 144 photos of gorgeous winter landscapes with snow-covered fir trees and a frozen river. The photos will help you appreciate the beauty of the snowy northern nature.
Author Alex
ArtStation Marketplace – 600+ Male Splash Art Pose Reference Pictures
Our new release features over 600 high-res reference pictures with male game splash art poses, that will serve as a perfect tool for creating dynamic game illustration, character design line-ups and concept art! We have included T and A poses in full rotation view for sculpting and modeling. Check out the previews!
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