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Author Sonya
Yesterday, 09:18
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Twig People
4 thin and heavy twig-men and twig-women
Author Sonya
Unreal Engine Marketplace – The Sound of Horror Music
A pack of looping and non-looping atmospheric compositions and musical themes designed to breathe life into any horror or suspense based project.
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Landscape Builder
Landscape Builder is a professional editor extension for Unity 2018.4.3+, 2019.x, and 2020.1 for creating realistic, detailed and consistent landscapes. Blending procedural algorithms with hand-crafted user control, Landscape Builder allows you to create entire worlds tailored for your game requirements with ease.
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Forest Animal – Deer & Moose Family Pack
This is the High Poly 3D Model Deer & Moose Family Pack contains SIX [6] Models with some Meshes optimized to Low Poly version:
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Medieval City
A medieval city environment built with Unity 5. Plenty of buildings are included as well as props and addon structures so you can create your own variations.
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Sky Studio – Dynamic Sky and Weather
Sky Studio is now the most customizable dynamic sky and weather system for Unity! Key features: rain, rain surface splashes, lightning, stars, fog, clouds, sun & moon, day & night cycle, and more. All can be customized and animated through 90+ sky properties, without sacrificing performance.
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Muay Thai Animset Pro
We tried to give animations realistic and professional look. Thanks to Roman Levin, who boxed and consulted. We didn't include knee kicks in this collection.
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Zombies Pack V2
Pack of 5 zombie models, 4 of them with two skins, total of 9 zombies. PBR materials in 2k resolution. Each model has two variants of the mesh, one simpler, with only body/head geometry and a variant with detachable body parts, to be used with Dismemberment systems of your choice, or to just hide/show them
Author Sonya
Unity Asset – Medieval Village Environment
This is medieval village environment. Inside you can find buildings and propses to build your medieval fantasy village.
Author Sonya
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Weather System
Weather system with day - night cycle and storm!
Video games are fun. We doubt there would be anyone that will beg to differ. Playing video games is one of the most fun activities out there. All that fun talk leads us to a simple conclusion, we need to make game development fun as well. That's why we are letting you download game development software and assets. We are striving to make this experience FUN for you. You can then give us a link to the game you've made. That would pretty nice of you.
So, the game development category is split into three sections. We have Unity Assets, Unreal Assets, and Game Engines. Let's start with the Game Engines, because what the hell are you gonna do with no engine. You can download Unity Pro 2018.1.4f1 (the latest version at the time of writing) with several built-in add-ons. Of course, you know that Unity is among the most popular engines out there. There are many great-looking games built on Unity, including Life is Strange, Pokémon Go, Firewatch, and the endlessly confusing White Day: A Labyrinth Named School remake. There are plenty of great games taking full advantage of everything that Unity has to offer. We have GameMaker Studio 2 for you to download. We have Scirra Construct (2D games engine), we have Buildbox 2.2.9 (doesn't require any advanced programming knowledge), we have Game Guru, we have Autodesk Stingray 2017 thrown in there for good measure. Don't know about you but we do think this is an impressive list of engines that we have for you here. Pick the one that you like the most. Or just go ahead and pick Unity.
Speaking of which, we have plenty of great assets for the aforementioned engine. We have such packs as, for example, Scrap city assets for Unity by Cubebrush filled with amazing-quality steampunk-esque assets. We also have bundles that contain pretty much everything you will ever need within a specific aesthetic. We also have plenty of Unity Asset Megapacks, you're getting over 20 GB of great-looking assets – terrain, water, ropes, menus, HUDs, you name it. These megapacks are the only thing you will ever need, if we are being honest. Well, for the time being, at least. You need to diversify, you need to get a little bit elaborate in order to finish up your game and make it look good.
We also have a bunch of high-quality assets for Unreal Engine development. Now this collection, we are incredibly proud of it. We have Advanced Locomotion System v3, we have Unreal Engine Marketplace (Roman style), we have stuff like 15 photoscanned ground materials for UE4 – Green and Gray Pack 01, Procedural Landscape Ecosystem, etc. It's pretty damn hard to actually figure out which category is bigger/better, but we're just gonna go ahead and say that we prefer Unity for some reason. It just feels better, so maybe there's greater number of items featured in the Unity-related categories. Who knows. We tried to stay impartial, but, screw it, go ahead and try Unity. Pick the best assets and BOOM, you almost have a working build (but not really). Easy-peasy!
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