DAZ 3D – The Magical 8-Point Light Set - Part 3 - DAZ Studio Tutorial

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The Magical 8-Point Light Set - Part 3 - DAZ Studio Tutorial

Title: Misc – The Magical 8-Point Light Set - Part 3 - DAZ Studio Tutorial (Download for Daz Studio or Poser)

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  • Brand: DAZ 3D
  • Compatible Figures: N/A
  • Home Page: https://www.daz3d.com/the-magical-8-point-light-set--part-3--daz-studio-tutorial

Light any DAZ Studio scene like a true MASTER! Learn how to use (and abuse) Dreamlight's incredible 8-point light set up that can handle any situation, scene, both indoors and outdoors, and can also be used to portray emotions. Based on Dreamlight's popular 7-point light set up from 3D Light Master, now optimized and streamlined for DAZ Studio Iray. Part 3 continues to deepen the realm of illumination by focusing on portrait rendering and zoomed-in art. Get The Magical 8-Point Light Set - Part 3 - DAZ Studio Tutorial and learn to light scenes like a pro. What you will learn in this Tutorial series: Learn the CORE of lighting, and make your images POP like never before Learn how to create stunning portraits that make you GLUED to them Discover the 8-Light Point Set Up, featuring: Key Light Fill Light Back Light Rim Light Background Light Overall Light Ambient Light Bounce Light Part 3 of the training focuses on portraits and zoomed-in art Discover the 3 incredible benefits of zoomed-in / portrait rendering completely unavailable in zoomed out art (full scene rendering) Learn how to control light damage when it comes to portraits Learn how to control where the light goes and doesn't use a super cool trick that overrides the spread angle Discover how the magnificent 8-point light set up makes it a breeze to light portraits and zoomed-in art See 4 portrait images being created from scratch, explaining things most artists will never hear, saving your YEARS of frustration Learn a cool bounce light trick that will make your characters or props connect with the scenery in ways you've never seen before Learn how to create subtle post work with maximum impact in Photoshop Learn how to render masks in DAZ Studio and control your image or parts of it in Photoshop Learn how to create realistic eyes using Photoshop Learn how to enhance male characters using a 2-second trick in Photoshop Learn how to create amazing looking fog effects behind your characters using Photoshop Learn how to mix and match layers rendered in DAZ Studio using Photoshop to save time and get extreme control over your images with LIVE adjustments Photoshop examples are generic (techniques can be used in other applications, such as the free Gimp)

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